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Finally, all the taste and simplicity of delicious, homemade, authentic Noodle Kugel; from freezer to oven, to table.

A delicious, creamy, firm and sweet egg noodle casserole with a crisp, cinnamon topping

Made with all Natural Ingredients

Traditional Sweet Recipe

Ready to bake and serve

Noodle Kugel originated in eastern Europe centuries ago, and over time, has transitioned into many unique recipes, with the most popular being a creamy, firm and sweet egg noodle casserole with a crunchy cinnamon topping. A tradition for many on special holidays, it requires time and many ingredients to create the most delectable Noodle Kugel.

Our recipe came from our Grandma Anna, which had been handed down for generations. Loved by everyone, she always made her Noodle Kugel for family dinners, especially for the holidays. Fortunately, before Grandma left us, she had written down her recipe and her Noodle Kugel has continued on by her children and grandkids.

Now, for the first time, our delicious and time tested recipe is available to anyone that appreciates this delicious side dish, snack or even for breakfast with your morning coffee. Served hot or cold, My Grandma's Best Noodle Kugel is a welcomed, delectable dish that can be enjoyed anytime

Our Story...and what is Noodle Kugel?

Grandma Anna

My Grandma's Best is proud to offer Noodle Kugel to the frozen food aisle in retail stores. Merchandised alongside complimentary products such as potato pancakes, crepes or blintzes, it makes for an exciting and outstanding new item.

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Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion

This is what is being said about My Grandma's Best Noodle Kugel...

"This is the best Noodle Kugel I have ever had, bar none!" Susan K, Beachwood, OH

"Don't tell my mom, grandma or sister, but this is better than theirs." Debbie N. Mayfield Hts, OH

"Oh my, so good and so more messing in the kitchen for me." Judy H, Columbus, OH

"Why hadn't anyone thought of this before? This is as good or better than homemade." Janie G, Bloomfield Hills, MI

"I can't believe it. This Noodle Kugel is great!" Ann L, Philadelphia, PA

"Wow, I've never had Noodle Kugel before, but this stuff is great!" Sherri D, Chicago,IL

"Sweet, firm, and just like my grandma made, and so good. The topping is amazing!" Mark F. Columbia, MD

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